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In the markets, there’s only two directions, up or down. our system helps to simplify and changes the way you see the markets, in which give you confidence in your decisions.

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Every trader needs special tools to help them make calculated decisions in the markets.
Here you will find important tools that correspond with the strategy.

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The best way to improve/progress is to learn from your past mistakes, but even better, learn from someone else’s.
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About us

O’Neik Castello is the Lead risk manager at Black Bear exchange. With over 6+ years of experience in the markets trading stocks, options, forex and now futures, he has developed a simple technical strategy with a high probability win rate. Along with proper risk management,  he has use this strategy to pass multiple funded account challenges and become consistently profitable overtime in the markets.

Black Bear Exchange is  a platform designed to track and record his journey as a professional Day trader. Here you can find loads of information on how he view the markets and how he trades using his strategy. The market is constantly changing, therefore We’re also constantly learning new ways to become better traders everyday. Once you’re inside, you’ll have full access to him and all the knowledge that he has collected over the years that may help you on your journey and shorten your learning curve.